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Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Pianist, living in the war.

"The Pianist" is the biographical war movie that begins in Warsaw, Poland in September, 1939, at the outbreak of the Second World War, first introducing Wladyslaw (Wladek) Szpilman, who works as a pianist for the local radio. He is the brilliant pianist who can escapes deportation and eludes capture by living in the ruins of Warsaw.
The Polish Army has been defeated in three weeks by the German Army and Szpilman's radio station is bombed while he plays live on the air. This story starring by Adrien Brody 

 At the first site, i thought that this movie will make me boring and how could i burned out with World war II era war, but i get it wrong. Instead, while watching this video definitely make me hard to understand for what is actually they are talking about. But, i force my self to stick with this video and the result is the two hours an half long had give me very good impression about the story line. Especially the rhythm from the sounds of the piano make me feel the qualities of the story. 

When the video reaching their climax where as i saw the old man in the wheelchair had been thrown out from the apartment by the evil Nazis its really make feel the hard time that they are facing by right they such an innocent people who are suppose to get suffer at this World War II. From my observation. the pianist is not for everyone and i don't think also kids are suitable to watch this kind of video because its is coldly brutal and violence. This video also shown the uncensored, unapologetic towards the humankind.   

By watching this kind of video make me feel very thankful by living in very harmony and peace country which is had stay far away from the world war. Instead, The Pianist had play the role about people who had suffered to fight for their right in their own country.

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