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Friday, 2 March 2012 and women are merely players by- Robert Greene

Robert Greene is the author of t---men and women are merely players. He was born at Norwich about 1560, and educated at St. John's College, Cambridge, where he graduated B.A. in 1578. After travelling abroad he returned to Cambridge in 1580, and graduated M.A. from Clare Hall in 1583. In the same year he came up to London and published his first book. In 1585, when he was incorporated M.A. at Oxford, he also describes himself as a student of medicine; but this pursuit was not carried far by him. 

                The excerpt show that ,``Men and women are merely players’’ is and enlightenment about the human being or who shows the different character to expose their own life. As a human being we are created our own roles by the social ideals. Instead of it the human being could manipulated by the one who are extremely to get their power to control the life that full with affectation. We are perform our life on the platform that shows the attitude,  good behaviour and everything that appear civilized, decent, democrat and fair. 
                 It can simply achieve the role of people that trying to control the life.  However, some people face the game that playing the power how indirect seems evil, a social a relic of the pass and they grow through the foolish. By right, there’s nothing to do with power, we as a human being need to beware by facing such of other human who can express their opinion strictly despite they are truly often to grab the powers. 
                Author make the readers realize that we need to be careful with the power that people sort it in strategies and manipulated others. Despite of it we can see that people keep compete to grab the chance.

In conclusion i think that Robert Greene would like to tell us that every human being has their role to play in their life.

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