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Friday, 2 March 2012

Steve Jobs Is The Best Evolution Of Apple

Steve Jobs was born February 24, 1955, to two University of Wisconsin graduate students who gave him up for adoption. Smart but directionless, Jobs experimented with different pursuits before starting Apple Computers with Stephen Wozniak in the Jobs' family garage. Apple's revolutionary products, which include the iPod, iPhone and iPad, are now seen as dictating the evolution of modern technology

Steve Job is one of the creators of Apple product that created the technology that can be accepted by whole world. By right, he also gave a lot of benefits to the people who used his Apple product and always get positive feedback about his product. He is very intelligent and innovative thinker who give the best evolution of technology of computer product. 

Steve Jobs also  also made a lot of quotes and very good for each words that can inspired people to success in their life.

This is one of his quote
 ``A lot of people in our industry haven't had very diverse experiences. So they don't have enough dots to connect, and they end up with very linear solutions without a broad perspective on the problem. The broader one's understanding of the human experience, the better design we will have.''

In conclusion, i found that Steve Jobs had bring a very good evolution of the computer technology ti the people around the world and had give a very good inspiration from his quotes and successful.

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