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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Fickle Friends-Kirsten Weir

            The excerpt fickle friend is an exciting on how can fickle friends can be bad for our health, but understanding this taxing relationship can make us feel less painful. The excerpt by Kirsten Weir suggested that friends somehow can be a FRENEMIES. However with this kind of friend are exist without we realize it can make us be tougher and consist of ambivalent friendship.
            The world is like a stage where we find a true identity by our self or even our own friend and by right we dint know their true colours. Besides, the terms of complicated relationship can be found in some relationship if this kind of friend or people are exist in our relationship.
            In this article shows that we can't live without this kind of friend even we know that we are living in a pain besides that by having many friends are very good rather than to have a good one. However,  the researcher were defined that the quality are exist in this relationship which are friendship as those scoring high on help intimacy, self validation, reliable alliance. emotional security and stimulating companionship. If we find the point from the positive sides, we sure that it can bring a good experiences even we knows that frenemies  is very problematic.
             Besides that, frenemies bring unhealthy ties. Stressful, blood pressure and so on. It depends to the people how to manage it. It prove that it was very unhappy thing and why we need to keep them? They will simply bother our activities especially for those who had face ambivalent that will feel more suffer rather than depression.
             In a nut shells, it show that we should't keep this kind of people in our life because it will bring the darkness and for sure will bring the negative effect in our life.


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