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Friday, 20 April 2012

Stratification in Apocalypto

       Apocalypto had bring me big impact to me while im watching it. This movie is about the native people who surviving their life in the jungle.They were fighting for their own generation from their ancestor, father,child, grandchild and for the rest of their generation. However to reach the success to conquer the rain-forest they need to face a lot of obstacle and the STRATIFICATION between high class people and the lower class people (slave).

          The main character in this movie is Rudy Youngblood as a Jaguar Paw. He is a hunter from the village in the deep rain-forest. It captured by Mayan slavers and dragged across the country side with his villagers. In this movie Jaguar Paw and his friends has been brought to the place that they will scarified for their Sun of God.

          From here on out, it's all suffering and hardship. Dark dreams, bad omens and prophecies delivered by    disfigured children are followed by messy scenes of sadistic massacres and mass rape, artlessly directed and apparently edited at random. Throats are cut, veins are opened. Men are knifed, stabbed, clobbered, beheaded, caught in tar pits, mauled by wild beasts, poisoned by frogs and snakes, assaulted by beehive bombs, impaled on arrows and traps, gutted alive, crushed on rocks after tumbling down waterfalls. The blood flows, drips, squirts, gushes and sprays from bashed-in skulls, much like it did in Monty Python and the Holy Grail--but to less hilarious effect. 
    Apocalypto also is impassioned and well made, but the fact that it had falls back on chase movie keeps in really connecting. By right focusing on for most its time on one running man the movie never achieve the epic scale it needs to say that this is the bigger theme it looking for.

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